Welcome to Stripey Squirrel!

I am Chloe and I make unique, comfortable and practical clothes for toddlers. I got a bit bored of seeing my little girl in the same old high-street numbers so I’ve coupled my love for rummaging around in charity shops and clothes sales with a real dislike for the wasteful nature of disposable fashion and have decided to have my own take on creative, upcycled and fun clothes for little people.
I have been making a lot of my daughter's clothes for a while now, sourcing materials from charity shops, markets and clothing sales all over the place. 
So many of the clothes that are unsold by charity shops in the UK are either shipped off to Africa to be sold in markets there, which can be damaging to fledgling manufacturing businesses there, or they are resigned to landfill both in the UK or abroad.
So, although it is of course just a drop in the ocean, with Stripey Squirrel I want to try and make just a tiny, weeny difference. I hope you agree that your little people will look funky and individual in these clothes, whilst having bought them will sit comfortably on your ethical conscience.
Thank you for supporting my little home-sewn business. Whilst your children, neighbours, family and friends will look unique and feel comfy in their Stripey Squirrel clothes, you can also rest happy in the knowledge that you are giving another lease of life to pre-loved fabrics and materials!